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Homeowners Dictionary every industry has its own jargon, we aim to educate our clients instead of throwing around confusing terms 1. Re vs. Re&Re: Reducing words to a couple letters is one form of misdirection we see all too often. Recaulking is the act of simply going over damaged old caulking with another layer. Removal and Recaulking is of course more time consuming and therefore the industry trend is to encourage hard-working homeowners to pay nearly the same price for a substandard job. there are endless benefits to removal and recaulking starting from purely cosmetic ranging all the way to longevity and durability as well as assurance that a proper seal is applied with no risk of older dry caulking simply flaking off and taking the new recaulk with it before the end of season. 2. Tuck-Pointing: If you have ever seen cracks in your bricks or those of a neighbour you know the eyesore that they can be. Tuck-pointing is a process where we painstakingly match mortar to the colour of your bricks and remove these eyesores; protecting surrounding areas from damage due to water, ice and ensuring that your house is sealed to the maximum potential, keeping the elements and insects out and your heat/air conditioning in. 3. Parging: Parging is one of the most overlooked yet most crucial processes in home maintenance. It is almost inevitable that winter will cause cracks overtime in a house's foundation, all too often we are contacted all too late to prevent the initial damage; however we offer services to pre-emptively apply a layer of sealant as well as too repair any of these cracks before doing so. we urge all our customers to look into protecting the foundation of their home; improperly parged foundations are among the primary reasons we encounter causing critical damage which can lead to flooding basements and worse.

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